The Youth´s House (or Casa de la Juventud), headquarters of the local museums is located just by the entrance of the castle´s walled enclosure. We are in the museum of farm implements and popular traditions, created in 1996, from a municipal iniciative. Here, a considerable part of the etnical and cultural heritage of the municipality was gathered: farming implements and tools, traditional crafts and ceramic, recreating the ways of life back in time inside the Cortijos (spanish typical farm) and country houses. Arts and crafts museum, created in 2007 by the Cultural Department of Iznajar´s Townhall and thanks to local families donations, the museum pays tribute to those disappeared crafts, recreating the indoors of a saddlery, of a traditional barber shop and a forge, crafts that were, in other times, hallmark of Iznajar´s population.

We also find the Antonio Cañizares naive sculptures museum, wich has a room dedicated, since 2005, to a permanent exhibition of the disappeared Iznajar artist´s work, like mud miniatures, representing images of the Holy Week in Iznajar. All the year round, this room also gathers several other expositions from multiple artists.

Juan Pérez Forge and Wood Miniature Museum – this room shows a sample of the piece of art realised through several years by Juan Pérez Luque. A magnificent exhibition accurately reproducing in miniature a mix of tools, illustrating forging and carpentry as an art of life.

We also find a corner dedicated to the Urban Knitting anual event, an event that consists in decorating public squares with crochet. Here we can observe the compilation of the most significant pieces from past editions and conserve a permanent sample of wool art in Iznajar.