The San José Church dates back to the mid of the XVIIth century, although it was remodeled more recently. The latest reform was made in the ´50th.

The temple is located in the back of what was once the San José Hospital, now Medical Centre. This church was founded thanks to the presbitarian José Rosales Ruiz´s generosity, to whom a bust was dedicated in 1902 and signed by the sculptor Pablo Loyzaga.

The shed´s design was made of a latin cross, untill 1963 when the hospital was built and the cross changed into a greek one. Since then, the entrance was moved to the right wing of the building. In this same side was the Chorus also relocated.

With a very modest arquitecture, the church is crowned by a prismatic tower of granadian

influence. As mentioned in the “drum legend”, the temple was dedicated to the Glorious

Patriarch San José and to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.