The Genile River converts Iznajar into the mayor reservoir of the Community, know as the “Andalucian Lake”. It floods lands from Cordoba, Granada and Malaga, with a capacity of more than 981 millions cubic meters, offering more than 100km of shore.

At less than one kilometer from the urban area, on the right bank of the lake, is the Valdearenas´ neighbourhood.

The lake´s shaping, with the inclusion of a new ecosystem, rich in bird and fish fauna, makes of the lake a perfect area for multiple activities, such as fishing, bird watching, hiking and above all enjoy a sweet water beach, with multiple nautical activities.

At the end of the leading road is the Lake´s Interpretation Center and Nature School, where the Nautical Station sets its office.

The center presents several expositions rooms, recovering information about the dam´s construction, the lake´s ecosystem, heritage, history and culture of the village. Moreover, the visitors can attend lectures and speeches about the reservoir, run workshops and walk along the marked pathway with informative boards about the flora and fauna surrounding the Center. 

Recently, the Interpretation Center shows a striking model, representing the area underneath the reservoir´s waters, and Iznajar´s past.

Near the Center and inside the Valdearenas´ area, the visitor can find and enjoy a set of equipment for leisure and entertainment, such as the Hotel Caserio de Iznajar, Valdearenas Camping, two restaurants, the Nautical School, swimming pools, and sports center, making of this area a perfect place to enjoy holidays and weekends.