On the Muhamad ben Cabeha Square stands the Antonio Quinatana Museum Room.  These Instalations we used as an autopsy chamber in the past and were reconverted into a museum in 2010. It gathers a sample of the huge piece of art from the local artist.

Antonio Quintana was born in Iznajar in 1943. At the age of 17 he moved to Madrid, entering the Fine Arts Circle and the Real Academy in San Fernando. Later he passed by the Santanderian paintor Antonio Quiros´ studio, whom was his master during many years. In the early ´70s he held several exhibitions in cities like Cordoba, Madrid, Santander, Oviedo, Caracas and Athens. In 1973 he obtained the second pize from Adonais de Poesia for his book “The Unicorn´s one eye” (El Ojo Unico del Unicornio). In 1977 he collaborated with the Nobel Prize Vicente Alexandre in a recording folder about poems from the sevillian author. In 1981 he recived the Gules Award in Valencia for his poetry book “Trow the bird at the Stone” (Tirar el pájaro a la piedra). In 1988 he received a grant from the Culture Ministery for the creation of his book “And Converted Into Golden Rain, he Dared to Rest in the Cats´ Eyes” (Y convertido en lluvia de oro osó posarse en los ojos de los gatos). In 2000 he published “This Eye of Mine is Crying” (Este Ojo me Llora). Since 2003 he lives in the Juncares Village where new oils and drawings merge to join the numerous exibitions. In 2006 he published “Dreams Anatomy” (Anatomia de los Sueños) and he wrote his first novel “The Gosts” (Los Espantos). Antonio Quintana has always showed great interest and preocupation for cultural demostrations in Iznajar, participating and contibuting, desinterestedly in maintaining alive the local traditions. Finally, he is the oficial chronicler of Iznajar since 2009.